Most Important Item to Pack on an International Trip. (It’s not your passport!)

It’s small and compact, you don’t even have to put it in your carry-on.  It’s quite simple really, the thing you can’t leave home without is your patience and kindness.   It will make any of your travels so much smoother.  The best thing is it’s free and will gain you so much more than you ever thought as you travel the world.

Before my trip to Paris, when ever I told anyone about my plans, I was met with a grimace and “get ready for rude people.”  I like to think I am a nice, open minded person, I was quite shocked that was the primary response I got.

My goal when I went was to be open minded, I wasn’t going to let the thoughts of others change my mind.  After spending a few days in London, my sister and I decided to see if we could change our Eurostar tickets to have an extra day in Paris.

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The Day I Started Living


It was at the place in the above photo at 25 years of age, I started living.  For 25 years I merely exsisted on this planet.  I have been blessed with an amazing family, who are always willing to help and guide me any way they can.  However, there are somethings that you have to do for yourself.  Finding who you are and what you want, is one of those things.  In this amazing, vibrant, once-in-a-lifetime moment everything clicked for me.

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